AVIC VP Visits Fesher

Dec 24th, 2013, vice president of AVIC, Geng Ruguang, take a visit to Fesher with his colleagues. Before the visit. The VP have already met with the Mayor Zhu Xiaoming and Chairman of City Committee Yang Shengshi. Together, they have a thoroughly discuss of the arrangements of Fesher construction work and the plan of the investments.

The VP and his colleague have viewed the construction site. They looked at the plant construction and equipment installation in detail. Also , the VP have listened the report of Fesher and AVIC APC, etc. The VP asked all related units to always think about the overall big goals, to be united as a whole, to cooperate and take care in construction. In the end ,he believes that we can build a international high level composite production plant and build a sound basis for following full scale production.

Fesher CEO, Zhao Huiming did a report of the latest Fesher plan information. As the report says, the ultimate goal of Fesher is to become global worldwide supplier for aerospace composite parts, not only for becoming an OEM manufacturer. The products of Fesher will satisfy the forcecost and appearance requirements of aerospace industries. Fesher will have the RTMVARI technology to produce composite parts. Fesher will grasp the ability of design, qualification, manufacturing, testing, and after sales management. The current goal is to produce structural parts and interiors for B747,787 and A350 as well as other aircraft types.

At this moment, the plant construction, key equipment, IT and SAP system, engineering preparing and raw material purchasing are all under control of schedule. These are positively confirmed by the FACC AG. Especially the quality system is prepared according to the ISO9001AS9100 international standard and the design have been finished. Through the efforts of personnel of Fesher, the company have once again confirmed the March starting date , thus creating a solid basis for following excellent production of satisfying goods.

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