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The tenth Zhuhai Airshow show China Aviation Industry Development

The 10th China International Aviation , Aerospace Exhibition ( Airshow China )  ,was held from 2014 November 11 to 16, in Zhuhai Airshow center. This year is the China Airshow eighteen " rite of passage " , international and professional level of the air show will mark a new level, both the number and structure of exhibitors , exhibits, media , foreign military aerobatic team and other elements , or the grade and quality of professional visitors , military and trade missions, conferences and forums , B TO B and other elements , are greatly optimized and enhanced.

Zhuhai Airshow is a famous Chinese Air Show, held every two years , the latest unmanned aerial vehicles and attack helicopters , and many new weapons for the first time publicly at the air show in Zhuhai, China . In addition to the US and European defense companies from many countries around the world will participate in Zhuhai Airshow military enterprises .

Fischer aviation components ( Zhenjiang ) Co., Ltd. , is a professional production of aircraft composite structures and interior parts of the modern enterprise. Austrian companies FACC aid of advanced technology and scientific management , subcontract XAC years of production experience and professional talents, has gradually become the world's most advanced , domestic first-class aerospace parts manufacturer .

General manager Zhao Huimin and the Ministry of Culture and Publicity minister Hanjian Chang

Zhao Huimin , general manager and general manager of China Yang Hongbo FACC

Zhao Huimin , general manager of AVIC Aircraft Purchasing minister of civil aircraft company Zhang

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